Women and Sexuality

Most of us have probably seen this video or at least heard about it. After overwhelming discussion of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I finally had to see for myself. Honestly, I was not at all alarmed. Childhood actress steps out and starts expressing her sexuality as a young adult. What else is new? Here are some ways women’s sexuality is changing in the general public that is not a far cry from Miss Miley.

What about all young women? Miley is currently 20 years old, so puts her in my generation (I’m at the tender age of 22 you guys ;). Young women are seeking more exploration as the tight grips of societal standards are loosening (not all the way apparently, sorry Miley). We want to party like the boys, drink like the boys, and even yes, explore our sexuality. We want to express ourselves by showing off our bodies, not out of having no self-respect, but we do it out of a sense of pride in what we look like. A wild and crazy 20 year old boy is probably going through a normal rite of passage, and guess what fellas, we want our rite of passage too.

What created the everyday female sex symbol? It’s not a surprise that some women put a big emphasis on being sexy because men seem to put such a big emphasis on women being sexy. Rather, they like sexy and yet reserve the right to look down on it if they please. With more and more women wanting to be a “sex symbol,” we may have to drop the “slut” labeling. Honestly, I hope we do. Stop slinging shit at what you think is garbage because it only makes things smellier. I think women should act as their conscience dictates and dress in a way that makes them feel the most expressive. After all, are we really hurting anyone? Besides, if you’re talking about young women, some things are a growth process. The growth process is simply evolving.

What about the even younger girls? Once upon a time, we swept teen girls having sex pretty far under the rug, and I don’t mean decades ago. It was still touchy subject when I was growing up. Some would abdicate against birth control pills for teen girls, saying that would be like giving them a free pass to have sex. So if the girls are not perfect and do not hold to your high standards they should be saddled with an unplanned pregnancy? Let’s try to go a little easier on them. Let’s not turn their sexuality into something criminal and address the subject with some openness. Personally, I feel if parents let their teen girls get pregnant, it’s a type of child neglect. Luckily, I believe future parents will be handling teen sexuality much better than parents of the past.


2 thoughts on “Women and Sexuality

  1. Yes! Also, rather than malign young girls, let’s look at what’s wrong with the culture that tells them they should sexualize themselves. Really appreciate what you have to say here.

  2. I totally agree that sexuality shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Sex is awesome and everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life. Although what Miley is doing is a bit over the top at times. But, she is getting the attention she wants and I don’t say I blame her for going out here and getting it.

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